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CIEC and the Smart Development Hack
2-14th August2021

Art Exhibition at CCST 

The reception hall of Comboni College of Science and Technology hosts the exhibition entitled “Nature etched in hollow”. The artistic works were realized by graduates of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The artists were invited to express their reflection on their environment, its genesis and development. The aim was to create empathy with the nature that surrounds us and suffers from the lack of care by human persons. The exhibition was inaugurated on Monday 4th August and will remain in the hall until the 14th of August.

The College thanks the artists who accepted to grant their works to CCST.

3-5 August 2021-Project Based Learning at CCST

In the framework of the Erasmus Project between the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and Comboni College of Science and Technology, Dr. Consuelo Esteve (UPV) led a workshop that helped CCST teaching staff to build team work and experience Project Based Learning. The methodology was put into practice with the finalist students who were introduced into the elaboration of video-CVs and self-presentations. Dr. Consuelo used LEGO in her last workshop. The blending of real-world problems with LEGO Education products is a way to encourage students to think about real-world problems and prototype solutions.