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The College has created a Solidarity Fund with the help of some graduates or donors. Any student can apply for discounts from the second semester by filling the APPLICATION FORM. The discount is only valid for the registration in the following semester. .
The conditions to benefit from these discounts are:
1. To have financial problems so that you do not find the way to pay by yourself the full amount of your fees. It is important that you are aware that the fund is limited, the more people apply the lesser the discount per person can be. It is also important that the help reaches the neediest students. Someone who can pay or already has support from another institution (UNCHR, Windle Trust, Core…) does not qualify for this discount.
2. To have a CGPA≥ 3. Since the funds are limited, we want to support the most committed students.
3. Only the best student in the class has a 50% discount in the tuition fees.
Applicants can fill the form in:
best choice . or withdraw and present the filled copy of the application form at the headquarters reception (first office on the right) or at Mr. Mustafa’s or Mr. Zakaria´s office at the CS/IT complex before 28th February 2023..