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The Polytechnic University of Valencia and Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST), after having already exchanged students since 2019, also started exchanging teaching staff in the framework of the Erasmus Project. Dr. Asim Fadol and Ms. Tasneem Tariq just concluded on 9th July their academic stay at the UPV.
Dr. Asim, Secretary of Academic Affairs and Head of the Departments of Mathematics and Physics and Post-Graduate Studies, shared his research activities on the effects of applying magnetic fields to the human body and worked with Prof. Enrique Berjano, Head of Energy-based therapies and member of the Department of Electronic Engineering of UPV. Dr. Asim was also introduced to the academic organization of UPV.
Ms. Tasneem Tariq joined an international group working on the application of IOT (Internet of Things) to inclusive education and school gardens.
At the beginning of August, CCST will start welcoming teaching staff from the UPV.