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The Status of Nursing in Sudan
16th October 2021

The Status of Nursing in Sudan

Comboni College of Science and Technology (CCST) hosted the symposium under the title “The Status of Nursing in Sudan: Dignity, Challenges and Opportunities” on Saturday 16th October 2021. The symposium was organized by the Sudanese Nursing Leadership Initiative (SNLI) in collaboration with CCST and the International Association for Solidarity among Peoples (AISPO). The event was funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation Development and involved different international and Sudanese speakers and stakeholders like representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ministry of Health (Primary Health Care Directorate), deans of faculties of nursing, private hospitals, the Public Health Institute and the Academy of Health Sciences.

The symposium identified some challenges like the gap between university education and nursing practice and proposed some recommendations to improve the dignity of nurses and the health system.

During the symposium, Dr. Elisabetta Marzo, presented the tutorial system in clinical practice that CCST would implement in collaboration with AISPO in a new BSc in Nursing.