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BA Honors in Information Technology Science

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is specifically designed to serve the needs of students seeking proficiency in the application of information technology and management information systems to entrepreneurship and management and aims to train ethical technology leaders.
The program curriculum offers students a rich mix of general education subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Religious Studies; Principles of management skills such as oral and written communication; Discipline-based core courses including principles of marketing and the analytical and managerial aspects of information systems, while developing students' skills in advanced computing technology necessary for business creation or data management in the digital age.
The program builds in the student's potential for the future and enables them to build and maintain a balance between the goals of economic success and the growing limits of social and environmental responsibility as it considers an IT and entrepreneurship vision that combines economic success with social and environmental sustainability and responsibility. An ethical dimension to business is present throughout the program through topics such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and social entrepreneurship within entrepreneurship courses for example or professional issues.

Program Goals

The main objectives of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are:
  • To enhance education and vocational training in various aspects of modern information technology applied to public and private institutions
  • To provide essential input in various aspects and a broad understanding of IT and other interdisciplinary interfaces.
  • To provide students with a sound foundation for acquiring knowledge and developing conceptual and analytical skills that make them able to enter themselves in business and initiate their own entrepreneurial activities in the IT sector.
  • Enabling students to use information technology to promote a development, management and business model that combines economic success with social and environmental sustainability and responsibility.

  • Program structure

    This Honors Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a 4-year program, spread over 8 regular semesters, and consists of 166 credit hours. The program is an honors degree in science, thus graduates will have direct access to master's degree courses without going through a postgraduate diploma

    To download the syllabus:  click here!

    Intermediate Diploma in Information Technology

    The program objectives are:

    Information technology (IT) is a contemporary science that consists of the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to the storage, retrieval, transmission, and processing of data in the context of a business or other organization. The program is an intermediate diploma in the third year that prepares graduates to work in public, governmental and private institutions. Thus, the diploma equips the student with an in-depth knowledge of business organizations, technologies, computer applications, and database development and management. Special emphasis is placed on information technology applied to management. Classes are taught in English.

    The program contains two branches:

  • Information Technology Diploma (Business 98 credits)
  • Information Technology Diploma (Accounting, 99 credits)

  • To download IT accounting curriculum:  click here!
    To download the IT Management curriculum:  click here!